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DenverAudioBook (a subsidiary of CCM Recording Studios in Denver Colorado) specializes in recording audio books.

We have thousands of hours of audiobook and voice over recording experience. With the emergence of Audible and YouTube, recording the spoken word is a specialized area that is hugely important.

The specialization of recording audiobooks and voice-over requires a breadth of experience that requires a different approach to recording sung vocals. This is because in audiobooks intelligibility takes over for musicality as the prime consideration. A good insight is that not every recording engineer or musician who thinks he is a “sound engineer” has the skill set to record or hear the sound/performance of your audiobook. You need a studio and engineer who has experience in this field. 

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So we can learn more about your audiobook, your goals, and how we can better serve you!


Recording/tracking is the first step in producing an audiobook, and is often the most fun!


Editing is the polish that makes a professional performance shine! 


Meet the standards for audiobooks set by Audible or other destinations and final delivery. 

Service Prices



Audiobooks have a large variety lengths. Book a consultation now so we can learn more about your book, your goals, and how we can better serve you! Consultations are $25 for 30 minutes but are refundable after the consultation provided you honor your commitment to meet with us. Book a consultation ---> HERE.



Recording/tracking is the first step in producing an audio book, and is often the most fun! Our fully soundproofed vocal booth is set up to record with great sound and a visual connection with your engineer. Your session will be just you and the engineer for your comfort and privacy. DISCOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE HOURS. We use state-of-the-art, professional quality equipment and software to produce professional results. Book your recording session ---> HERE.



The editing process usually take about 3x the cost of tracking. There are many details that are attended to in the editing process. Besides editing out retatkes of words, phrases, or paragraphs, we take care of breaths, lip-smacks, page turns, mic stand bumps, and a whole host of other extraneous noises that you don't want on your professional performance. You can choose to be present at the editing sessions or choose to have us do it on a client not present option. Editing is the polish that makes a professional performance shine! Book your editing block ---> HERE.


Output & Upload

Finally, the finished audio file must be put through our audio process to make sure it sounds the best it possibly can as well as mmets the standars set by Audible or other destinations. Final audio process involes equalization (treble & bass), compression (making sure all words are inteligable) and mastering (making sure the file is level and at the right output level).


Where You Record Matters!

Humans are used to hearing our own voices in the context of typical domestic or workplace acoustics. But when we hear a professional recording of the human voice on an audiobook, we are hearing it in a professionally treated acoustical enviroment. Now recording studios aren't totally non-reverberant because that would sound unnatural, but it is essential for the reverberation time be short in order to maintain intelligibility of the spoken word. You must also eliminate sound from "ping-ponging" between parallel walls. Does your home, office, conference room, or home have this specialized acoustic treatment? Plus there is another component to making effective audio book recordings that you may be missing...experience.   Book your consulation ---> HERE so we can learn how we can help you get the best version of your audio book.

"I've recorded 2 audiobooks here and plan to do more."

- Scott Carney

 "My experience has been wonderful. They went out of their way to accommodate my company's needs for a very specific sound, and worked around my schedule. I look forward to working with them again and again!" 

- Gabra Zackman, actress and voice talent for over 200 audio books.

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Denver's CCM Recording Studios is a landmark full-service recording studio in the heart of Denver Colorado, right on the world famous Colfax Avenue. Our professional recording studio in Denver is committed to providing the highest quality recording studio and production services at the most affordable price.

CCM Recording Studios has been a Colorado business for over 25 years. We have the comfortable space and the analog and digital equipment for a wide array of audio & video projects and we believe in the power of the spoken word.

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